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FGUP "GosNIIAS" is an accredited certification agency within the Military Register voluntary certification system.
Accreditation certificate #BP AA.2.13.0014-2013 of April 17, 2013,
Registration certificate #BP CP.2.13.0213-2013 of October 28, 2013.

In accordance with accreditation scope FGUP GosNIIAS carries out certification of the following categories of products (according to Uniform Codifier of Issue Article UCIA):

  • Category 7025. General-purpose data processing systems. Input/output devices.

  • Category 7030. General-purpose data processing systems. Software.

  • Category 7031. Special-purpose data processing systems. Software.

  • Category 7055. Information systems.

Certification is carried out for:

  • products developed for government customers of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation;

  • dual purpose products;

  • imported and exported products;

  • products developed under conversion programs by enterprises executing state defense orders.

FGUP "GosNIIAS" has developed a variety of standards in the field of airborne equipment hardware and software for military and dual-purpose systems. They include the following standards:

  • GOST R 51904-2002. Software for built-in systems. General development and documentation requirements;

  • GOST R 52070-2003. Electronic modular system serial trunk interface. General requirements, etc.

During these standards elaboration different international standards and directives in the field of complex systems software and hardware development were taken into consideration.

Thats why product certification by FGUP "GosNIIAS":

  • will be the first step to international recognition of your products;

  • will provide your products competitive advantage in future tenders;

  • will give you an opportunity to promote your products to new markets.


For additional information contact:
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